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We wanted to put together some of the best testimonials and reviews for Kotton Grammer.

Just think of this as your best resource to get an honest opinion of Kotton and his agency Kotton Grammer Internet Media.

Before we get started, it is best to give a little background on who Kotton is.

Kotton Grammer lives in Miami Florida but was born outside the city of St. Louis Missouri on January 8th, 1977.

Mr. Grammer is most well know for being an SEO expert and founding a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency.

He is also known for being a teacher and trainer of search engine optimization and great public speaker. He teaches SEO in OMG Machines which is a course and community of like-minded entrepreneurs that want to harness the power of organic traffic.

Kotton has been featured on sites like Forbes, Inc., Crunchbase, and many others.

He is always doing research and development on what is working now and where the market is headed.

If you are in need of marketing and SEO, we highly suggest you try to work with Kotton. I say “try” since he has a waiting list of companies that want to work with him.

Okay, now that you have a little more background on who Kotton is, here are a couple reviews and testimonials along with cool marketing videos that will tell you what type of person Kotton Grammer truly is.

Kotton Grammer Review And Testimonial By 1UP SEO:

Kotton Grammer Review By Steve DeFalco:

Kotton Grammer Teaser Video:

Kotton Grammer Gunpowder Painting By Danny Shervin /Paint With Gunpowder

I hope you enjoyed these fantastic videos!

Honest Reviews And Testimonials

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